Fully integrated Hosted Chef Server support

Skydera strives to bring together the tools needed to effectively manage your infrastructure into one place.

With all the power of Skydera and Opscode Chef®, your DevOps team has the flexibility to automate and manage 10 or 10,000 servers from one single interface.

With Skydera and Chef® automate larger deployments without adding more staff. Now simple tasks spread over hundreds of machines will only take minutes, not hours or days.

With Skydera C3, security is build in. With our Role-based system, your DevOps team decides who has access. Manage access based on your business needs, with a clean cloud management system.

Key Features

  • Integrated Hosted Chef® Server
  • Option to preload 300+ Chef Scripts
  • Script Templating System
    Enable use of legacy scripts


Chef® and Hosted Chef® are registered trademarks of Opscode, Inc.