Public Cloud

Public Cloud control and Insight, while maintaining agility

So you want to gain insight or regain control of your organizations usage of Public cloud?

Skydera can help. With Skydera C3 cloud control you will have the ability to manage your use of public cloud along with having several high value added tools not available in the base user interface provided by the cloud providers.

From a single "pane of glass", your IT team will be able to manage all aspects of your infrastructure from the top public cloud providers. This will enable your development and DevOps teams to focus on whats most important to your business. Product!

Skydera C3 comes with the following features:

  • Single unified interface to the top public cloud vendors
  • Realtime cloud asset counts
  • Role based access system enabling fine grain site wide user controls
  • Full key management system, enabling remote access without giving users keys
  • Advanced automation tools with an extensive library of pre-packaged configuration scripts
  • Full Restful API enabling tight integration with existing management systems, billing systems or analytics tools.
  • Strong password or Multi-factor authentication
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