Skydera Monitoring

Critical monitoring insight at your fingertips

Monitoring your infrastructure is critical to achieving instance awareness of your IT infrastructure problems, so downtime does not adversely affect your service.

With Skydera Monitoring uses a small agent to collect detailed statistics about your server or instance with with a very tiny foot print. Enabling you to get monitoring with little to no impact on the performance of your application.

Skydera Monitoring provides high resolution statistics for the following:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Processes
  • Disk
  • Load
  • Network
  • Entropy
  • Uptime
  • Users
  • Interface
  • Partition
  • DF

Skydera Monitoring also provides an easy Restful interface for collecting other system or application statistics to give complete insight into your system and application performance.

Key Features

  • Standard statistics and custom data collection
  • HTML5 and Flash components
  • Super light weight agent for minimal to no impact.