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Skydera strives to build what our customers needs. We take the time to listen to you and build what you need. There are a lot of things that can be created, but we would rather hear from you and build what you need. Let’s create something together.

What is Skydera C3?

Skydera C3 is the next evolution in the category of enterprise software known as cloud ‘management and automation’. At Skydera we refer to this category evolution as ‘cloud command and control’. Skydera C3 provides easy to use ‘platform as a service’ to deliver true cloud command and control.

What is ‘Cloud Command & Control’?

Cloud command and control is the capability provided to a developer or cloud IT administrator to manage and automate any cloud application in any public or private cloud hosting center. In short, cloud command and control is the pre-requisite for building out a true cloud enterprise data center model. At Skydera, cloud command and control is provided as an on-demand platform (C3) seamlessly integrated with major cloud hosting providers including Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, SliceHost and others. If you operate a hosting or IaaS company and you would like Skydera to support your cloud hosting environment, please email us at

What do you mean by ‘developer self-service’?

Skydera C3 is designed from the ground up to enable developers to handle a high percentage of tasks previously handled by IT administrators. Our QuickLaunch functionality within the Skydera C3 platform enables rapid application deployment with near-zero learning curve.

Is there a free trial of Skydera C3?

Yes. Skydera C3 Developer Edition provides one month of free use for a 4 server deployment.

What do you mean by cross-cloud orchestration?

This is the ability of a cloud command and control platform to run applications in multiple public clouds in order to optimize performance and cost-efficiency. Cross-cloud orchestration enables developers to avoid vendor lock-in while providing for more robust disaster recovery across clouds. For more on cross-cloud orchestration see the Skydera C3 product page.

What kinds of developers and cloud companies can benefit from Skydera C3?

In addition to enterprise cloud developers, Skydera C3 can be used by SaaS ISVs, cloud hosting providers, cloud consulting and integration firms, educational institutions and the cloud startup community to power their management environments in order to gain the performance and cost savings of true cloud command and control.

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