Public Cloud

If you’re new to the cloud, or trying to get a handle on services the public cloud has to offer. We live in the cloud.

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Private Cloud

Building a cloud for your organization. We can help you out. Setup, Configuration, Management.

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NoSQL Consulting

NoSQL has quickly become our favorite type of data store. Cassandra, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB

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Managed Services

Need 24X7 cloud IT team. Skydera can help get your team to the next level.

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Featured Services

  • IT best practices in the Cloud

    Best practices starts with IT even in the cloud. Make sure you’re best prepared for growth.
  • Infrastructure scaling

    The promise of the cloud is infinite resources at your fingertips. Be prepared when you need it.
  • Disaster recovery

    Downtime can be minimized. We can help you setup your infrastructure for resilience to maximize uptime.
  • Cloud security

    Security is the number one item on top of every IT teams list. It’s also on the top of ours.

Cloud Consulting

Have Skydera on your side, from start to finish. With our free consultation, get your project mapped out fast.

Skydera provides Cloud consulting on a per-hours basis. Our cloud consulting services are available remotely on either pay as you go or prepay options. With your prepay options, you can buy time in blocks at a discounted hourly rate.

Standard Rate

Skydera’s Standard consulting rate is $250 USD per hour.

The standard rate applies to most tasks performed remotely over the internet when scheduled at least three days in advanced. Our consultant will advise you head of time, if the standard rate does not apply to any request.

Premium Rate

Skydera’s Premium consulting rate is $400 USD per hour.

The premium rate applies to emergency tasks requiring disruptive scheduling, such as scheduling during night, weekends or holidays. As well as short notice tasks within the three-day window requiring priority changes of our consultants.

Call: +1-650-391-9132