Skydera Cloud Control

Skydera C3 cloud control is central to managing and understanding your infrastructure.

The complexity of launching and managing cloud deployments – including configuring, securing, managing and analyzing – is the greatest hurdle to moving your applications to the cloud. Skydera removes the complexity with a comprehensive cloud deployment lifecycle management solution.

Get Up and Running in the Cloud

From large enterprises to fast-growth start-ups, Skydera simplifies your migration to the cloud. Skydera is built from the ground up with an inherent understanding of your cloud vendors. Now you can deploy and manage servers in the cloud quickly, efficiently and economically without having to budget for an entire team of experienced cloud professionals. Any authorized member of your IT team can utilize Skydera without prerequisite cloud expertise.

Start running Skydera off-the-shelf in minutes with pre-defined server templates, or customize the number of servers and unique configurations, even import your own scripts into Skydera, and be up and running with the same reliability as your traditional physical environment.

Unify Your Cloud Lifecycle Management

Skydera is a universal management dashboard for multiple deployments with the best-in-breed cloud providers – including Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid and SliceHost – as well as your internal private cloud. In addition, Terremark, VMware and other major vendors will soon be added to Skydera in the near future. Avoid cloud lock-in by choosing which vendors and how many servers per vendor, and manage the entire system on the Skydera platform as a cohesive heterogeneous unit. Skydera replaces your disparate collection of cloud management applications with a unified toolset covering the entire cloud deployment lifecycle. Reduce cost and risk, and boost your IT agility, by leveraging multiple vendors, without the downside of managing the complexity.

Maximize Your Cloud Investment

What’s the point of migrating to the cloud if your servers are still over-provisioned and underutilized? These are the same challenges you faced with your physical infrastructure. Skydera solves these problems, enabling true pay-per-use cloud resources. Based on thresholds of CPU, memory, disk, and even network bandwidth, Skydera automatically scales your servers up and down to meet demand in real-time. With Skydera auto-scaling, you only pay for the resources you really need.

Skydera works closely with the major cloud providers and provides full access to their infrastructure-as-a- service offerings. This enables Skydera to integrate all the new functionality from each cloud vendor directly into the platform – so as soon as features are available, you can manage them within Skydera.

Key Features

  • Cloud Deployment Automation

    Simplify your cloud deployments with Skydera and launch and configure one or one hundred servers across multiple vendors with the click of a button, backed by efficient repeatability.
  • Cloud Management

    Manage your cloud infrastructure across multiple vendors and hybrid environments, all accessible via a single, easy-to- use dashboard delivering real-time global visibility.
  • Server Monitoring

    Track performance across your hybrid environment – cloud, virtual and physical. Skydera monitors server performance and utilization against expectations and SLAs, automatically resolving issues and keeping you notified with customizable alerts.
  • Security Management

    Secure your site with the same confidence you have behind the corporate firewall, with flexible advanced credential provisioning. Skydera offers a hierarchical usability matrix, so you can manage access credentials and define roles to enable your team to effortlessly manage the cloud while still protecting your infrastructure.
  • Capacity Management

    Track your server load and utilization – pinpoint exactly how much of each server is actually being used – so you can provision more efficiently and reduce your server costs. Skydera analytics can outline your usage today, and forecast your resource needs for the future.
  • Cost Analytics

    See how much you are spending on servers, minute by minute or over the server’s lifetime, per department or user, to gain greater visibility and control over your server costs.
  • Skydera Professional Services

    Skydera’s Professional Services team can help you get up and running in the cloud quickly, assisting in the formulation of your cloud strategy and minimizing the complications of migration to the cloud.